Me In My Heels
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This page is dedicated to you.
Me In My Heels is for you to submit pictures of you wearing your high heels. Whether you're wearing them for work, a party, day to day, or in a seductive manner, we wanna see your love for your high heels!
"Heels? that's it?"
- Anonymous

Well the rest of the attire can be chosen by the person taking the photo… So say if the person is showing us a pair of their heels they use in the bedroom they could have on some lingere maybe even nothing…. Or if its thre favourite heel to wear out on the town they may ne wearing a sexy little number to attract the opposite sex…. Its not all about nudity my friend…. Its welcome but at the end of the day you can make anyone do something they dont want …..

Need submissions….

Guys i need your pics…. I need pics of you in your favourite heels… Wedges…. Platforms…. Heeled boots… Come on help this blog out…. Can be full length or just you in the heels….. Please guys thanks xxx

Need some submissions ….

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Guys need posts

Guys i still got no posts :( plz help me out

I got nothing to post 😔 i need submissions guys

Guys send me some posts please….